Demolition Services and Groundworks

Turn to our expert team when you require demolition services at your property. Whether you’re getting rid of a garden shed or a tower block, our specialists have the skills and expertise to carry out any project, from soft stripping to complete building demolition. Westway Demolition operates throughout the UK and also provides groundworks and project management services.


Westway Group is by no means confined to the removal of buildings. When refurbishment or fit out work is to be undertaken, Westway Group will carry out the ‘soft strip’ entailing the removal of partitions, false ceilings, raised floors and all mechanical and electrical plant and equipment where required.

Our operators will strip back your entire property, preparing it for the next stage of work to be carried out. This includes refurbishments, renovations, remodels or complete demolition of the site.

Prior to any work starting, surveys can be undertaken to identify the existence of asbestos related materials that can then be safely removed


Hand demolition is used in a wide variety of applications within the demolition industry, where there is a need to do a specific job and machinery is unsuitable due to access problems. 

Though hand demolition may not be the fastest way to demolish a structure, it can be the best option in some circumstances where having a machine on site is out of the question. As well as the fact that it has it’s benefits that a regular demolition does not, completing a project by hand will always cause little to no damage to a party wall or adjacent buildings.



Our Remote control or ‘Robotic’ Demolition is the ideal solution to many of the environmental problems you may be facing today. Brokk demolition excavators are electro-hydraulically powered, allowing work to proceed in confined or hazardous areas without the emission of harmful fumes. 


Robotic demolition is incredibly efficient, cost effective and immensely powerful, as well as by design, having the ability of removing the operator from the ‘work face’.


Under circumstances where the structure being demolished is unstable, the operator becomes his own ‘Banks-Man’ and can stand up to 50 metres away.


We operate ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and BS OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management systems and have an in-house training facility.

Skilled, experienced and equipped with state of the art plant, machinery and equipment, Westway Group Ltd provides total Demolition Solutions on a Principal Contractor or Sub-Contractor basis.

We provide bespoke solutions at flexible or fixed pricing structures. Our in-house waste management service means we can pass on any savings for recyclable materials recovered from any Demolition works.


Westway Group is fully aware of its environmental responsibilities, with ethical, regulatory and commercial factors driving best practice, innovation and continual improvement. 

Our Environmental Management System is certified to the internationally recognised standard ISO14001, which demonstrates our on-going commitment to continual improvement and best practice.

Key to success is planning, and as such the potential impact of all of our projects are quantified and assessed prior to the start of any works.


When you contact us, our team will come to your property to assess the level of work that you need. If required, we carry out a full demolition, taking down the whole property and ensuring all debris and foundations are cleared from the site. Our project management services mean that we are also able to run your project from start to finish. Additionally, our groundworks experts will prepare the ground ready for a new construction.

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Available 24 hours, 7 days a week, our team are highly responsive to both general enquiries and emergency callouts.

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